Teen Study - ADHD in Primary Care

Principal Investigator: Brooke Molina, PhD

Funding Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse

The goal of this project is to better understand the management of adolescent ADHD in pediatric primary care.  Approximately 375 teenagers diagnosed with ADHD (and one of each teen’s parents) are being recruited from six large pediatric practices in the Pittsburgh area.  The practice providers and staff from these pediatric offices also participate. 

The six practices are being randomly assigned to one of two groups.  Three of the practices are being trained in the use of specific clinical strategies for the care of their adolescent patients with ADHD (and their parents) with a focus on medication management.  The remaining three practices are continuing to provide their current clinical care for ADHD.

To test the immediate and long-term effectiveness of this training, we ask all participants – teens, parents, physicians and staff - to complete an initial baseline survey and three more surveys at 6 month intervals following the delivery of the intervention.

Our hope is that this training will provide increased skills and options for providers, teen patients, and their parents that result in improved care and outcomes for patients with ADHD.  Ultimately, should our training prove helpful, we look forward to broad dissemination of the training package in the future.

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