Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) assists people with disabilities through individualized services to pursue, obtain, and maintain satisfactory employment.  OVR counselors help people in selecting an employment goal and in developing a comprehensive strategy to find a job that meets the needs of the individual.  OVR job placement services are provided at no cost to eligible individuals with disabilities.  Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Contact the OVR office to determine an individual's eligibility.

The following services are available at most OVR offices:

  • Diagnostic Services
    • Medical, psychological, and audiological exams/tests to better understand the disability and needs for types of services available
  • Vocational Evaluation
    • Evaluation on aptitude, general abilities, and academic examinations
    • Evaluation on work tolerance and "hands-on" job experience
  • Vocational Counseling
    • Counseling to help an individual with setting vocational goals and assistance in changing those goals when necessary
    • Counseling in an effort to develop successful work habits and to help an individual to better understand his/her potential and skills
  • Training
    • Preparation for a job that includes independent living skills, basic academics, vocational/technical training, on-the-job training, college preparation, and personal and work adjustment training
  • Placement Assistance
    • Job clubs, job development, job-seeking programs, and counseling
    • Assistance in the following areas:  tracking down job leads, filling out applications, practicing how to interview, and following through with an actual interview
  • Support Services (based on eligibility)
    • Room, board, transportation costs during an evaluation or while completing the vocational rehabilitation program
    • Occupational tools, licenses, or equipment
    • Job site modifications that will enable the individual to obtain employment
    • Independent living training for the individual to become more self-sufficient

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