Pittsburgh ADHD Risk in Infancy Study (PARIS)

Principal Investigator: Heather Joseph, DO

Funding Source: Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation; American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Junior Investigator Award

The Pittsburgh ADHD Risk in Infancy Study (PARIS) is enrolling infants under the age of 11 months and their biological parents, with and without ADHD, to examine the development of attention in infants and toddlers at high and low risk for ADHD. Outcomes from this study could provide information regarding the ability to detect risk for inattention in the first year of life. This is a critical first step towards the ultimate goal of early identification and intervention for children at risk for ADHD.

For more information about the PARIS study please call 412-420-8309 or send an email to PARISstudy@upmc.edu.

Newborn PARIS

This study is enrolling expectant parents (with and without ADHD) to examine even earlier signals of inattention beginning as newborns and followed through toddlerhood.

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